Fried Chicken Gone Very Wrong

Sometimes a southern girl just craves fried chicken. But naturally being in Buenos Aires, good fried chicken is hard to find. In search, to satisfy my craving I went to the Tex-Mex and American restaurant close to my house that I frequent, Nunez City Grill.

On the menu, the restaurant offers many different types of American styled food including an appetizer of fried chicken wings. And of course being the American that I am, I ordered my wings with a side of fries.

Nunez City Grill Fried Chicken
Nunez City Grill Fried Chicken

How can one make fried chicken so wrong? I knew this was not the fried chicken I was looking for the moment the waitress placed the bowl down in front of me. The “fried chicken” was served with some type of red sauce that tasted similar to marinara sauce. The batter on the wings had a very interesting flavor and such a horrible texture. The chicken itself, if you can get past the batter, was very dry. The only thing that slightly redeemed this meal was the fries.

Nunez City Grill does live up to its advertising of having American food, but this staple southern dish was butchered at the Nunez City Grill. Looks like I’m better off trying to find a KFC. Greedy Girl rating: 2/10.

Until the next meal,

Greedy Gut Girl

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  1. clem chow says:

    Looks more like fried twinkies than fried chicken.


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