Meat Lovers’ Dream

The aroma of barbecue smoke and the sizzling of different cuts of meat fill the air creating a heavenly cloud for every meat lovers’ dream to begin. The dream continues until each piece of meat is served.

Estancia Santa Susana Asado Grill
Estancia Santa Susana Asado Grill

One of the things that influenced me to come to study abroad in Argentina is the fact that the Argentine people love to meet just as much as I do. The best way that Argentinians cook meat is at an asado.

Asado is a South American barbecuing technique. Standard pieces of meats at an asado vary from pieces of chickens, chorizo, blood sausage, sirloin steak, rib-eye, and kidneys.

Estancia Santa Susana Asado Grill CU
Estancia Santa Susana Asado Grill

The meat at an asado is commonly served with bread, salad, and chimichurri. The main reason that bread and chimichurri are served with asado is to make choripan, a typical way to eat chorizo in Argentina.

Being here I have had the chance to try a few different asado places, the one of the best I have eaten so far was at the Estancia Santa Susana.

Estancia Santa Susana Chicken
Estancia Santa Susana

At this ranch, you could see every mouth-watering piece of meat being cooked on the asado before the Gauchos served it to you fresh off the asado.

Estancia Santa Susana Asado Grill2
Estancia Santa Susana Asado

Asado might be the sole reason I do not ever want to leave Argentina. Greedy Girl rating: 9.7 /10

Until the next meal,

Greedy Gut Girl

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