A Second Chance For The City Grill

After the fried chicken debacle at the Nunez City Grill, I decided to give the Tex-Mex portion of the restaurant a chance since the American part was a horrible disaster.

Under the Tex-Mex portion, the Grill offers a variety of burritos, taco, and fajitas. As of today, I have tried a variety of all three. Safe to say I am very glad that I gave Nunez City Grill a second chance.

Out of the three options, the best I had was the carne burrito. The burrito reminded me of the Tex-Mex back home in Texas.

Nunez Grill Carne Burrito (2)
Nunez City Grill Carne Burrito

The crispy tortilla was filled with steak fajita meat, charro beans, two types of cheese, grilled bell peppers and onions. This is burrito was one of the better burritos I have had, and I have had many burritos in my lifetime. Nunez City Grill has now become an acceptable place to eat, for Tex-Mex food only that is. Greedy Girl rating: 6.7/10

Until the next meal,

Greedy Gut Girl

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