Empanada Epidemic


Empanadas have to be the best thing that 8 pesos can buy in Buenos Aires. A few blocks over from where I live a little empanadas place called Fabrica de Empanadas. This place has the best empanadas in Buenos Aires for the best price.

They offer a variety of empanadas from, carne suave, carne picante, queso y cebolla, jamon y queso, espinca, and pollo. But the best of all these delicious flavors has to be carne picante.

La Fabrica Empenadas
La Fabrica de Empanadas Carne Picante

The carne picante empanadas are like little pockets of taco heaven. The mixture of beef, onions, and sauce closely resemble the delicious flavor of a ground beef taco. These empanadas are addicting, and the price just makes it even more addicting. Greedy Girl rating: 9/10.

Until the next meal,

Greedy Gut Girl

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