Breakfast it’s for Every Meal

Down the street from our hostel in Valparaiso was a small place called El Desayunador. A place perfect for the breakfast lover and ideal for a person from the States who is in need of a good brunch.

The menu is full of different breakfast options like scrambled eggs, a variety of coffee, waffles, and other delicious breakfast items.

One of the combo items offered is called Brunch. Brunch comes with scrambled eggs, your choice of bread, fruit salad, and your choice of coffee (or hot chocolate for me).

El Desayunador Brunch
El Desayunador Brunch

For a person who is not big on breakfast, this meal is a game changer. The eggs were superbly scrambled with ham mixed into the eggs. The fruit was very fresh. The hot chocolate was the most chocolaty hot chocolate I have ever had. It was apparently made with actual chocolate.

In addition to the Brunch, I had a craving for waffles but unfortunately, El Desayunador was out of waffles, so I thought pancakes with two scoops of ice cream would be a great replacement. Unfortunately, I forgot that pancakes in South America are not like those in North America. The pancakes were more like crepes.

El Desayunador Pancakes
El Desayunador Pancakes

The pancakes/crepes were not very sweet and not the best that I have had. Luckily, the ice cream that was served with the pancakes made up for the lack of sweetness in the pancakes. The ice cream alone was very delicious; the scoops came in the flavors of raspberry and chocolate.

All in all, this was a great stop for a good, fulfilling breakfast.

Greedy Girl Rating: 8.7/10

Until the next meal,

Greedy Gut Girl

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