Chilean Sopaipillas

Street food is everywhere in Santiago, Chile. There are stands on basically every street for empanadas and sopaipillas. So when the opportunity presented itself for me to get an authentic Chilean sopaipilla, I could not let it fly by. And my taste buds were certainly happy that I did not.

The stand where I got my first Chilean sopaipilla was outside of one of the local food markets in Santiago. It is run by two sweet sisters.

Chile sopaipillas
Chile sopaipillas

The sopaipilla consists of flour and pumpkin mix in a dough that is then lightly fried in oil. The sopaipillas are best when served hot straight out of the fryer. The consistency of the fried pastry is light but makes for a filling snack. Traditionally sopaipillas are served with pebre, which is similar to Pico de gallo. Pebre is made up of tomatoes, onions, and parsley. Pebre adds an extra spicy kick to the already delicious sopaipilla. I also saw the sopaipillas being eaten with ketchup or mustard.

Greedy Girl Rating: 8/10

Until the next meal,

Greedy Gut Girl

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