Pizza Savior

While on a miserable weekend trip to Mar del Plata, with horrible meal after terrible meal, La Musa Pizza and Empanadas was a golden light that turned the trip around. This cute little pizzeria was decorated with white and red striped tables with adorable red, white, and green flags hanging from the ceiling.

In Argentina, spicy food is not a common an item, and neither is pepperoni. So when my friends and I saw the spicy calabresa pizza on the menu, we just knew we had to get it. Safe to say, we were not disappointed at all.

La Musa Pizza
La Musa Pizza

The spicy calabresa pizza was served with the spicy pepperoni, red bell peppers and of course olives. The crust of the pizza was cooked perfectly and was not too thick and not too thin. The pizza also lived up to its name of being spicy. The spiciness of the pizza was perfect.

This pizza is one of the best pizza I have had thus far in Argentina. This pizza in its entirety easily shows how there is Italian flare throughout Argentina.

Greedy Girl Rating: 9/10

Until the next meal,

Greedy Gut Girl

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