Saucy Taulat

In the town of Valparaíso, Chile many restaurants close early on Friday nights leaving you with very few options for a late dinner after a day of traveling. Luckily there was one restaurant that was open and still serving dinner. This ritzy little restaurant offers a couple of different tapas, salads, pasta, and main dishes.

Being the carnivore that I am, I had to pick something the Tierra portion of the menu. I ordered the Lomo Carmenère, which is veal with Carmenère wine sauce and honey reduction on top, served with rustic style potatoes.

Taulat Lomo Carmenère
Taulat Lomo Carmenère

The beef was cooked to a perfect medium and was quite tender, once I got past the amount of sauce on top of the steak. The wine sauce itself was sweet and a good counterpart to the steak, it was just served with an overly abundant amount of sauce. So much sauce to where I could barely see my steak underneath. After removing a portion of the sauce off the veal, it was a very delicious and delightful meal.

Greedy Girl Rating: 7/10

Until the next meal,

Greedy Gut Girl

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