Thirst for Tacos, Not Quenched

As a lover of Mexican food, sometimes I just really want a good taco, this is proving to be difficult in Argentina. After being out and about in Palermo with my friends we discovered a little taco joint. La Fabrica del Taco seemed like it would be the answer to satisfying our need for tacos.

The restaurant itself looks like a Mexican restaurant back home in Texas. The menu offers a selection of tacos and tortas. But naturally, I had to choose two of their “Rico Tacos”. I chose the asada taco and the pollo taco. The asada taco is marinated steak and the pollo taco is a spicy marinated chicken. The tacos were served with a side of guac and some grilled onions.

La Fabrica del Taco
La Fabrica del Taco

The steak taco was a mediocre taco, nothing really special or spectacular about the seasoning but it was not horrible. As for the chicken taco, all you could taste is spicy. It was not an overwhelmingly spicy taco to where a person could not eat it but I could not taste the actual chicken because of the spices. The best thing I had at La Fabrica del Taco was the homemade lemonade that I used to wash down the chicken taco.

Greedy Girl Rating: 5.5/10

Until the next meal,

Greedy Gut Girl

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