Choripan Man

A favorite Sunday outing in Buenos Aires is the San Telmo fair. At the market, you can buy a variety of items from jewelry, to art, to souvenir trinkets. Upon entering the San Telmo fair, you might walk past a man who sells choripan. I like to call him the Choripan Man.

San Telmo Choripan Man

Choripan is a popular street food in Argentina and other South American countries. The name is a combination of two Spanish words chorizo and pan. (For those who don’t speak a lick of Spanish, chorizo is a type sausage and pan means bread).

Choripan from the Choripan Man

This is one of best street foods I have had since being in Buenos Aires. Choripan is a delicious combination of sausage, bread. The sausage is traditionally split in half over a loaf of bread. It is commonly served with onion and tomato salsa and my favorite sauce, chimichurri.

The San Telmo choripan man sells some of the best choripan in all of Buenos Aires. And for the perfect price of 30 Argentine pesos.

Greedy Girl Rating: 8.7/10

Until the next meal,

Greedy Gut Girl



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