Mission Best Burger in BA Completed

After three long months of searching for the best burger. Three long months of eating burgers that varied from disasters, to okay, and some which were pretty good, I have finally found the best burger in Buenos Aires.

The best burger in Buenos Aires also comes with that best burger price. The Pony Line Bar only has one burger on its menu the Classical. The Pony Line Bar is a lounge that is a part of the Four Seasons in Buenos Aires. Where they take the pony theme to the max, from the way the jockey style the waiters dress to the horses on the wall. The lounge is a very swanky but in a laid back way. The Pony Line Bar is located in Recoleta/Retiro area of Buenos Aires.

After seeing that there ones only one burger on the menu, I knew that this burger could go one of two ways: either be so great that they only need one on the menu or so bad that they only offer one.

Luckily for my stomach, it was not the latter.

Also unlike other burgers I have tried in Buenos Aires, the waitress asked me how I would like my burger cooked, leading me to raise my expectations for this classic burger.

Safe to say my expectations were surpassed with this burger.

The Classical at Pony Line

Many burgers in Buenos Aires offer basically the same type of burger toppings as fried onion, bacon, BBQ sauce, cheese and pickles. But unlike other burgers, the Pony Line’s Classical combines the toppings with the burger perfectly.

I’m going to start from the top of the burger and work my way down to talk about every part of its perfection. The bun was deliciously topped with melted cheese and was toasted to perfection. After the bun came the BBQ sauce. (Which I knew was going to be good just by smelling it, growing up on Texas BBQ helps a girl to acquire this skill). The BBQ had to be the best I have ever had while being in Buenos Aires.

Next were the pickles, cheese, and bacon. The pickles were sweet pickles which I normally don’t go for, but somehow they went very well with the burger. The melted cheddar was on point, and the bacon was crispy.

Back to how the waitress asked for my burger to be cooked, it came cooked to the perfect medium just like I like it.

Instead of having just one big onion ring on top like other places, this burger had little-fried onion strips at the bottom of the burger which was what exactly the burger needed.

This burger was exactly what this greedy gut girl needed in life.

Greedy Girl Rating: 9.9/10

Best Burger in Buenos Aires Ranking

  1. Pony Line Bar
  2. Burger Joint
  3. Illegal Burger

Until the next meal,

Greedy Gut Girl

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