Porteño Pizza

To continue my last week in Argentina, naturally after eating at a parrilla my next stop had to be to one of the many pizzerias here. I wanted one that has been around in Buenos Aires for a while. La Americana has been serving pizza in Buenos Aires since 1935. The cute little red and white typical pizzeria, located in Centro.

To try out this pizza I knew I needed to get the mozzarella, and I also wanted to try a type of pizza that I have never had before, espinaca (spinach).

La Americana Pizza

The mozzarella was served in typical porteño style with green olives served on top. The mozzarella was pretty good but nothing that I had not tasted before in other pizzerias here.

The spinach pizza was not what I was expecting; it was the layer of what seemed to be similar to cream of spinach, then a layer of cheese on top. This pizza was not bad at all. I will be ordering spinach pizza again in Argentina.

Greedy Girl Rating: 6.8/10

Until the next meal,

Greedy Gut Girl

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