Urban Argentinian Cuisine

As my time in Buenos Aires is coming to a close, for my last week here I have decided to go for the most Argentinian foods possible. So naturally I had to go to a parrilla, one last time.

I didn’t want to go to just any parrilla, so my friend and I decided to go to a place that claimed to be a “parrilla urbana.”

Carmín Parrilla Urbana is one of the more elegant style parrillas that I have been to. Of the three locations in Buenos Aires, I went to the Juramento location.

In typical parrilla style, we began with bread and chimichurri. After talking with a waiter, we went with a dish that he recommend specifically one of the chef’s specials. We chose the Matambre Juramento.

Matambre Juramento

This dish was just delicious. Matambre is a piece of the cow that is not used all over the world. It is most popular in Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay. The meat is located between the skin of the cow and the ribs; it is a more flank style of steak.

The meat was top with green onion, tomatoes, and mozzarella. These toppings worked perfectly with the flank steak. It was surprisingly appetizing than I thought that it was going to be.

Going along with my typical Argentinian meal, the matambre was accompanied by batatas fritas for the side dish. Batatas fritas are sweet potato fries.

Batatas Fritas

As someone who will choose regular fries over sweet potato fries any day, I was not too excited about this choice of side dish. But these were the best sweet potato fries that I have ever eaten. The were cooked and salted to perfection.

As for a drink to go with our typical Argentinian meal we chose one of the best Argentinian beers, Patagonia. This was a perfect way to complete my last scrumptious parrilla.

Greedy Girl Rating: 9/10

Until the next meal,

Greedy Gut Girl

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