Fast and Fresh Freddy’s 

Tonight for dinner I had a craving for some good Texas BBQ, but unfortunately, the barbecue restaurant I wanted to go to was closed.

So I decided to go the fast food restaurant, next to the BBQ place, which I have never tried: Freddy’s.

Freddy’s is known for its steak burgers and its frozen custard. When I walked up to the menu, my mind was made up quickly. I knew I had to get the Original Double Patty Melt meal.


Double Patty Melt Meal

The Patty Melt itself was very hot and fresh.


Freddy’s Patty Melt

The bread was only really toasted on the top bun and soggy on the bottom. The steak meat was exactly what I expected to be. It was fresh and thin and quite tasty. And definitely one of the better fast food patty melts that I have tried.
And when I was at the counter I saw that they were selling bottles of the Freddy’s Fry Sauce, so naturally I had to try it with my fries. There was nothing special about the fries, they were decent. The sauce tastes similar to In and Out’s sauce. It was flavorful but not something I would buy bottles of, at the same time I would still eat it the next time I go.

And now for the frozen custard.


Freddy’s Dirt N’ Worms

I got the Dirt N’ Worms frozen custard. It comes in eithe an option of sundae or concrete. I didn’t know what concrete was so I went ahead and chose it. The custard was vanilla with crushed Oreos. It was pretty good, better than any fast food ice cream I’ve had before. It was topped with gummy worms, whipped cream and cherry. The whipped cream was very good and light. The custard made for a nice ending to a pretty decent fast food meal.

Greedy Girl Rating: 7.3/10

Until the Next Meal,

Greedy Gut Girl


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