Italian Street Food in Texas

A couple of months ago a new restaurant popped up in Sugar Land, this is nothing out of the ordinary except this restaurant is solely for Italian street food. Since I’ve never been to Italy, I was curious to what the food entailed.

Piada, is a fast casual restaurant similar to Chipotle. The menu has three different categories, piadas, pastas, or salads.


Piada’s Menu

It is set up very similar to the way you order at Chipotle. Where you can add your own ingredients to your meal.

The menu also offers some meals that the ingredients are already thrown together for you. For my meal I chose the Chicken Diavolo pasta with a street side of a piada stick. And to drink the restaurant offers Italian tea and sodas.


Chicken Diavolo and Piada stick

This meal was amazing. Everything that I tried at Piada was close to heaven in my mouth.

The highlight of my meal was certainly the Chicken Diavolo.


Chicken Diavolo

The pasta was served with Diavolo sauce, which is a spicy creamy tomato sauce. I have eaten a lot of Italian food in my life but this sauce beats every Italian sauce I have tried. It was the right amount of spicy.

The crispy chicken was cooked and fried perfectly and was not dry at all. The green onion, Parmesan cheese, and tomatoes were a perfect compliment to the sauce. As a bonus they give very generous portions.

And the Pepperoni Piada stick was a nice side to the pasta. The Italian sodas were light fresh and delicious but my favorite had to be the Italian lemon tea.

I will definitely be returning to this restaurant very soon, this greedy girl is looking forward to eating the whole menu.

Greedy Girl Rating: 8.8/10

Until the Next Meal,

Greedy Gut Girl


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