Quaker’s Wings

During this week of Spring Break, my friends and I made a quick trip to Galveston. While on the road to Galveston we passed a restaurant that claims to have the best wings in the USA. So the next day we made a lunch stop at Quaker Lube & Steak.


Quaker Steak and Lube


The interior of the restaurant went along with the exterior’s theme. There are a variety of cars on the ceiling and sports on the multiple televisions.

Although steak is in the name of the chain restaurant. Once I saw that they could have the best wings in the states, I naturally had to try the wings.

The restaurant offers a variety of wing sauces and flavors. Varying fromthe mild Smoky Gold BBQ to the very spicy Triple Atomic.


Quaker’s Menu

I ordered a single order which came with 10 wings. It came with the selection of two wing flavors. I chose Medium and Arizona Ranch and a side of fries. Since the chain says it has the best wings in the US, I had high hopes for the wings I ordered.


Quaker’s Medium and Arizona Ranch


Quaker’s Fries

The wings, honestly, were good. But to claim that they are the best in the USA is a stretch.

Both flavors of wings and the way they were cooked were nothing out of the usual. To me the medium wings tasted similar to Wing Stop’s wings except for the tanginess of the finish. The Arizona Ranch wings weren’t all that spectacular, tasty but need a little more heat or kick to them.

Overall the meal left me stastifed but slightly disappointed.

Greedy Girl Rating: 7.1/10

Until the Next Meal,

Greedy Gut Girl


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