Summertime in Texas means its time for barbecue. My grandma always says if you go to a BBQ place and can’t smell the smoke off the pit then it won’t be good barbecue.

So I knew when I walked up to Ten50 BBQ I was in for some good eating. The very first thing you smell, see, and hear is the meat on the grill. Ten50’s grill is right in front of you when you walk in.

Image-1 (2)

When you go up to order your meat, the pit master literally takes it off the pit and weighs it out in front of you. I knew when I laid eyes on the brisket and ribs I had to have them in my mouth as soon as possible.

Next obstacle was picking sides, the restaurant offers a variety of sides but on that day I was really craving some BBQ beans.

Image-1 (3)
Ten50 BBQ Ribs and Brisket

My favorite barbecue meat, hands down, is brisket so I’m very particular about how I like my brisket. Ten50’s brisket was juicy and parts of it was just the right amount of fat other parts didn’t have enough for me but they were still pretty good.

The ribs were also very juicy and cooked to perfection. I am not a big fan of ribs but these ribs had me coming back for more.

Ten50 definitely knows a thing or two about good barbecue.

Greedy Girl Rating: 8.7/10 

Until the Next Meal,

Greedy Gut Girl

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  1. reeze212 says:

    I’m so sorry I didn’t follow you back. I thought we were already following each other


  2. reeze212 says:

    I’m so sorry I didn’t follow you back. I swore we were following each other already


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