Me Encanta Paletas

West Davis Street in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas is full of cute little eateries and shops including Encanto Pops . Encanto Pops offers a variety of unique and traditional flavors of popsicles while giving them some of them a dash of Mexican flare. The store offers either cream based or water based popsicles, all of which can be freshly dipped into dark or milk chocolate.

IMG_3955 (2)
Encanto Pops

The cookies and lime flavor comes from the creamy spectrum of popsicles.


IMG_3956 (2)
Encanto Pops’ Cookies and Lime

The cookies and lime popsicle was very fresh and light but creamy as well. Its taste resembles a perfect key lime pie with real bits of lime shavings incorporated into the creaminess. Similarly to a pie crust, the bottom portion of the popsicle was vanilla cookies, that almost seemed to be freshly baked, to bring the popsicle together.  It was like a little piece of heaven in my mouth. I cannot wait to go back and try more of their flavors.

Greedy Girl Rating: 9.3/10 

Until the Next Meal,

Greedy Gut Girl





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