The Brunch that took me to Church, NOLA, and Everywhere in between

Pier 247‘s brunch brings real cajun flare to Dallas’ Bishop Arts District. Their cajun brunch offers food like shrimp and grits to crab cake benedict. Keeping up with true New Orleans fashion the restaurant puts a frozen spin on a Hurricane ($5).


IMG_3960 (2)
Pier 247’s Hurricane

This frozen hurricane’s flavor was reminiscent of the ones that you can find down Bourbon St. in New Orleans. It was almost as if a fruit smoothie and a NOLA hurricane had a baby and produced this creamy and delicious drink. This drink was just a precursor of more delectableness to come from Pier 247.


IMG_3958 (2)
Pier 247’s Chicken Fried Chicken Biscuit Sandwich

As soon as my plate of the chicken fried chicken biscuit sandwich ($12.95) was placed in front of me it had me, salivating at the mouth. Everything about the chicken, the buscuits, and the gravy just harmoniously worked. The chicken was juicy and battered to a refined perfection. The biscuits were hardy but light at buttery at the same time and did not have me reaching for my glass of water. On on top of all, this was Pier 247’s bacon creole sauce. This sauce, for me, truly completed the dish. The sauce was brimming with bacon and sauteed mushrooms that had my taste buds singing its praises. There must be some voodoo magic at work in that kitchen because this was the best chicken and biscuits I have ever had.



Greedy Girl Rating: 9.7/10 

Until the Next Meal,

Greedy Gut Girl

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