La Sabrocita, Authentically Quirky

Denton, Texas has hidden gems and treasures all around. There is one yellow gemstone that is hidden in plain sight, Tortilleria La Sabrocita.

La Sabrocita is a quirky little restaurant. One may even say it’s a little backward. The front door is in the back of the building, and the kitchen is in the front. And the seating area is limited. But there’s one thing that sticks out even more than the building itself, and that is the food that comes from it.

There are not that many spots in Denton that offer truly authentic Mexican food, let alone a restaurant that offers 24-hour authentic Mexican food. The late night aspect of La Sabrocita makes it a frequent stop for Denton’s college scene. One University of North Texas recent alumni, Cynthia Sanchez said that after a night of having fun on Fry Street she and her roommate would always stop by La Sabroicita. “I love tacos and real street tacos like La Sabrocita has are hard to find in Denton,” said Sanchez.

When you walk into La Sabrofcita, you can tell that the food is made fresh just by the smell of the spices in the air. The menu is full of traditional Mexican foods like tacos, gorditas, tortas, burritos, and my personal favorite chimichangas.

La Sabrocita’s Chimichanga

There is no wrong choice at La Sabrocita. The secret to each plate is its freshness of the ingredients and the tortillas. Sara Blankenship of the Dallas Observer said it best, “They are fresh, hot and made onsite right there in front of your hungry face. In fact, everything they shove inside these magical tortillas is also made right there”.

My first bite of  La Sabrocita’s chimichanga was shoved into my mouth as soon as the waitress placed it in front of me. If it were not for the heat of the meat inside, it would have been gone in the blink of an eye. The steak inside was so steaming hot it was as if as if Apollo himself had cast the sun’s light directly onto the grill which cooked the steak. The tortilla was fried to a golden brown reminiscent of the very beginnings of a summer tan. The creaminess of the avocado and the refried beans and the fluffiness of the Mexican rice only enhance the meal.

A meal like this at La Sabrocita will surely have you coming back for more.

Greedy Girl Rating: 8.7/10 

Until the Next Meal,

Greedy Gut Girl

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  1. Gracias! Since arriving in Denton I’ve been trying to find good Mexican cuisine, and now I have a place to try thanks to your recommendation. We moved here too late to experience El Guapo’s, which was the only place that seemed to get good reviews. Looking forward to Sabrocita.

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