Basic Burger

As a self-proclaimed Burger Connoisseur, it is my personal mission to find burgers and try them wherever I go. When a new burger place opened up in Denton, it was immediately added to my restaurant list. For a friend’s birthday, we decided to go and try Brisket Burger.

If I were a person to judge a book by its cover, I probably would not have stepped a foot into the restaurant. The location of Brisket Burger was a former Sonic Drive-In, which is definitely portrayed on the outside of the restaurant but that’s where the resemblance stops. Once on the inside of the restaurant, the walls are painted with a vibrant blue and yellow paint, and the tables are made up simply. Get your food is also simple you order at the counter and have a seat at the table of your choosing.

I ordered the Benedict Burger for two reasons. One being, it is one of the Speciality Burgers. And the other being, after living in Argentina I crave burgers with eggs. The burger presumably named for eggs Benedict did not truly live up to its namesake. The burger came with a poached egg on top that was slightly over cooked and the egg was barely runny. The next layer on the burger was bacon which was as crisp as a business man’s button down shirt and packed full of smoky flavor. Next was the patty. Fortunately, the flavor of the mixed brisket and beef patty was there but unfortunately the taste was taken away for me because the burger was just too well done, topped with American cheese. The final layer on the burger was hashbrowns which did not really add anything to the burger.


Brisket Burger’s Benedict Burger


The real flavor of the entire meal came from the fries. The fries were hot and fresh and slightly overseasoned which was a substantial change from the burger. To University of North Texas student Alex Michalak, the fries and the service were the best things about his Brisket Burger experience. “The service was very good I also liked the fact that we could refill our own drinks and the fries were crispy and not greasy,” said Michalak. Another patron of the restaurant claimed that the sweet potato fries were some of the best she has had. “The fries were the perfect combo of sweet and crispy,” said Bryn Crowell.

Overall, the burger was pretty basic, not unappetizing but definitely not something that will have me craving more.

Greedy Girl Rating: 6.5/10 

Until the Next Meal,

Greedy Gut Girl


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