The Disillusion of La Milpa

Bad service can quickly turn a great meal into a mediocre one in an instant. Although Milpa has been recently renovated the waitstaff may need a refresher themselves. On Sunday, my friends and I decided to go to Milpa after I woke up with a craving for a chimichanga smothered in queso blanco and a cheap blue $2 margarita. This craving only lead to slight disappointment.

As a frequent eater at La Milpa, I almost always order a cheap blue $2 margarita. After waiting about 25 minutes after placing my margarita order, I was shocked as to the change in the size of the drink. The margarita usually comes in a standard large margarita glass, and to my surprise, that is not what I waited 25 minutes for. Instead, my margarita came in a short glass and tasted like it was watered down.


Milpa’s Cheap Blue Margarita


The unusual slowness in service continued when my friends and I had to wait about 35 minutes for our queso appetizer which was bland. And one of my friends who only ate the Queso blanco appetizer said the service was not excellent and the food was a letdown. “The food was only okay, not the best Mexican food I’ve had in Denton,” said Jaelan Moore. My other friend also found disappoint in his experience with the appetizer. “The Queso blanco was simply bland, and the quesadilla were average,” said Kyle Cappadona.

I thought that my go to pick would save the day. I was sadly mistaken. My meal of choice when I go to La Milpa is always the steak chimichanga with Queso blanco on top. When the plate was placed in front of me, everything seemed right in the world.

La Milpa Chimichanga.jpg

It was when I dug deep into the chimichanga that I noticed something different. The steak inside was fatty. Some bites I took were more fat than they were real steak. This meal was not the Milpa that I have grown to love, safe to say I hope that next time things will be different.

Greedy Girl Rating:6 /10 

Until the Next Meal,

Greedy Gut Girl

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